Charalambos D. Aliprantis, Monique Florenzano, and Rabee Tourky
J. Math. Econom., 40(3-4):247-269, 2004
Publication year: 2004

The second welfare theorem and the core-equivalence theorem have been proved to be fundamental tools for obtaining equilibrium existence theorems, especially in an infinite dimensional setting. For well-behaved exchange economies that we call proper economies, this paper gives (minimal) conditions for supporting with prices Pareto optimal allocations and decentralizing Edgeworth equilibrium allocations as non-trivial quasi-equilibria. As we assume neither transitivity nor monotonicity on the preferences of consumers, most of the existing equilibrium existence results are a consequence of our results. A natural application is in Finance, where our conditions lead to new equilibrium existence results, and also explain why some financial economies fail to have equilibria.