Aliprantis Tourky
Economic Theory, 2008, Volume 38, Number 2, Page 221
Publication year: 2008

The paper studies the two period incomplete markets model where assets are claims on state contingent commodity bundles and there are no bounds on portfolio trading. The important results on the existence of equilibrium in this model assume that there is a finite number of commodities traded in each spot market and that preferences are given by smooth utility functions. With these assumptions an equilibrium exists outside an “exceptional” set of assets structures and initial endowments. The present paper extends these results by allowing for general infinite dimensional commodity spaces in each spot market. These include all the important commodity spaces studied in the literature on the existence of Walrasian equilibrium—in each spot market the consumption sets are the positive cone of an arbitrary locally solid Riesz space or of an ordered topological vector space with order unit or of a locally solid Riesz space with quasi-interior point. The paper establishes that even with our very general commodity spaces there exists an equilibrium for a “very” dense set of assets structures. Our approach is in the main convex analytic and the results do not require that preferences be smooth or complete or transitive. The concepts and techniques studied in this paper have important finite as well as infinite dimensional applications.